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What is an audit?

What is an audit? What are the objectives? What is “audit” An audit is an objective examination and an assessment of the financial statements of the organization to ensure that the records are a fair and accurate representation of the transactions it claims to represent. This can be done internally by employees of the organization…
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5% Sugar cess to compensate cane farmers

GST Council to take up 5% sugar cess to compensate cane farmers Meanwhile, many countries are opposed to the idea of a separate GST service because they run counter to the principle of a common indirect tax On Friday, the GST will consider a proposal to impose a sugar tax to compensate sugarcane farmers. The…
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Cost Audit Report

Top 4 Practical Benefits of Cost Audit Report This article highlights the four most important practical benefits of a cost review report. The practical benefits are 1. Consumption of materials 2. Use of materials 3. Cost of services 4. Control of expenses. Cost Review Report: Operational Benefit 1. Consumption of materials: In order to comply…
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