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10 Credit Cards You Need To Know About It!

10 Credit Cards You Need To Know About It!

Credit card charges and fees

10 Credit Cards You Need To Know About It!

I provided a free credit card with a phone call to enjoy the range of benefits and rewards I enjoyed. But, as the proposal seemed to me, I decided to take part in it. But, to my surprise, a lot of additional charges came to me later that did not inform me earlier.

I know many people who told me this again and again. While getting a credit card in a drop of a hat is a good feeling, the best offer may not always be available.

An important list of credit cards
Below are some important credit card charges you should be aware of:-

  • Annual fee – also known as partnership or membership fee – is chargeable as regards the use of credit cards. In many cases, it can be canceled for the first year, but essentially on the next monthly basis. It can range from 500 to 3000 rubles per year. For example, the annual price of an HDFC Regalia credit card is Rs 2500, while Rs 2000 is for a credit card signed by ICICI. * The annual fee for the first year is called a connection price.
  • Interest – Borrowing obligations of the bank are known as benefits. This bank will pay if it fails to pay a significant amount for the set period. Interest rates are about 3% per month and 36% -38% per Annum of costs.
  • Cash Fee – the amount the bank received to receive a cash credit card. Transaction costs may be based on a percentage (approximately 2.5%) of the cash advance, or maybe an apartment on each transaction. In addition, the cost of profit at the rate of 24- 46% per Annum also applies to it, just from the day before the payment of money.

More than a limited fee – The cost of charging excessive credit cards. The real fact is that even if you exceed the allowable limit only through Rs 1, you will be responsible for paying more than 500 or 500 rubles in accordance with the rules of the issuer’s card.
Low Costs – The costs of your expenses for paying the amount to be paid at that time are known as late costs. If you are late for more than 90 days, you will certainly receive a late payment. The late cost of frequent payments is different based on the amount to be paid. If it is anywhere from 500 to 20,000 Rs, it can cost from 100 to 600 rivals. However, for amounts exceeding Rs. 20,000, the price can range from Rs. 600 and PC. 800.


List Credit Card charges

Many of you no longer know about these allegations, so they have a basic idea for them. You know exactly before you ask for a card from a TV or a CEO. Understanding these costs and expenses on an armed credit card helps you maximize the benefits of your card and use it with caution.


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