Export and Import License

Import and Export License

You must request an importer source code (IEC) if you want to import or export anything from and to India to other countries. Technically, IEC is a 10-digit number provided by DGFT to any Indian entity seeking an international trade.

Request an import license

This code is best known in India simply as an export license and is easy to request and obtain from the regional or regional DGFT office, which has jurisdiction over the location of your company. Now you can also send an IEC online application at dgft.gov.in with the required documents and a rate of Rs. 250

Before running to apply, read this article once. I will explain how to request an IEC, along with a complete checklist of application forms and necessary documents, and a step-by-step application process.

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How to establish a business in India with import and export license

  • Choose your IEC products only will be awarded to the product category you request.
  • You can request IEC for additional categories, but you will have to pay an additional charge for each category.
  • Select the name of your company, if you have not yet registered a company. New companies that plan to import and export must consider the names that end in exports (such as Ramsey exports)
  • Register your company, if you are not registered yet.
  • Request an IEC source code importer with DGFT and pay an Rs rate. 250 through EFT.
  • Register EDC – Register your export company with the nearest port (airport and/or port)

List of documents required for the IEC application

The required documents vary slightly depending on whether your company is a property, partnership, LLP or company. Here is the list of documents required for each one.

  • Identification card (Passport / Voter ID / Driver’s license / IDR Card); Address book (own sale instrument, lease / rental agreement + electricity bill or telephone bill); (See below) or canceled check with the applicant’s printed name and bank A / C number.
  • Association (photo 3 × 3) of an administrative partner; copy of the society’s PAN card; identification (passport/voter identity/driver’s license / aadhar / PAN card for the administrative partner signed at the time of the request) or lease / rent invoice + electricity bill or telephone bill); Bank certificate (see below) or canceled check with the printed name of the applicant company and the bank’s a / c number.

LLP and Company (Public and Pvt Ltd)

  • Photocopy (3×3) of the partner or manager signing the IEC application form; copy of the PAN card of the LLP applicant or compan
  • Identification (passport / voter identity / driver’s license) (an AADhar / PAN card must be signed for the member or manager at the time the application is submitted); Certificate of cooperation
  • Title Manual (instrument of own sale, lease / rent + electricity bill or telephone bill) that was canceled with the printed name of the applicant company and the A / C number of the bank.


Bank certificate for the IEC application form

One of the very important requirements to apply IEC is the bank certificate. This certificate is required only if you can not provide a canceled check with the name of the applicant and a / c of the bank. If you need it, you can ask the bank to grant you this certificate. Download this form from your bank certificate and print it, then transfer it to your bank for signature and sealing.

How to submit an IEC application form online

This section will inform you about everything you need to know to access the IEC online application form and complete it with all the required documents.

First, keep digital copies of all the documents listed above. Then click on this link to complete the IEC application form online and send it to the DGFT portal.

First, you will have to enter a valid PAN number to access the form. Once you do this, you will be asked to create a new IEC application or open an existing application. You can also close the application or check the status of the suspended application.

Once you have reached the main IEC document, you must complete many details, such as location, bank account details, PAN, date of incorporation, etc. At this point, you must pay Rs. 250 through electronic transfer of funds from the bank designated as SBI, ICICI, HDFC, etc.

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