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Big Changes by Ministry of Company Affairs from 1st April 2021 to enhance transparency

Schedule III of the Companies Act 2013 contains the general instructions for preparation of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss of a Company. Following are the changes made in the financials/ notes to accounts on account of amendments in Schedule III brought about by MCA: 1. Now companies have to round off…
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unlink Aadhaar from the bank account and SIM cards?

How to unlink Aadhaar from the bank account and SIM cards? How to unlink Aadhaar On Wednesday, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on Delink Aadhaar, that linking Aadhaar to his bank account or SIM card is no longer mandatory and forcing anyone to do so to be considered unconstitutional. For those who have…
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Statutory Audit

What is a ‘Legal Audit’ A legal audit is a required legal review of the accuracy of a company’s (or government’s) financial statements and records. The objective of a legal audit. Determining whether an organization provides a fair and accurate representation of its financial position by examining information, such as bank balances, accounting records, and…
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Challan 280 – How to pay your income tax online

1. Steps to pay tax on income Due Step 1: Select Challan 280 Go to the Inland Revenue Department tax information network revenue and select Challan 280. Click here to go to the government website and pay tax   Step 2: Enter personal information For individuals who pay tax: Step 1: Select (0021) the income…
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INCOME TAX – comes from other sources

1. Heads of income The Income Tax section comes with five headings of revenue for the profit tax report: It comes from labour It comes from the property of the house Effective income / loss Business and Occupation comes It comes from other sources Revenues from other sources include revenues that fall from one of…
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How to calculate advance tax?

How to calculate and pay a tax fee? Advance tax means that income tax should be paid in advance instead of lump-sum payments at the end of the year. It is also known as pay as you earn a tax. These payments should be made in instalments according to the deadlines given by the income…
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28th GST Council Meeting – New announced..!!

1. Highlights of this GST Council meeting        A) GST Return Filing process further simplified Regular taxpayers with a turnover up to Rs 5 crore may choose to send GST returns quarterly against earlier limits for Rs. 1.5 crore. However, these taxpayers must pay tax monthly through Challan. Regular taxpayers with a turnover…
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GST Payments and Returns Rules

After GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 introduced by the seller, you need to install GSTR 3 and make GST payment. Also, if restitution is required, the same will be done by creating a refund request form. Payments – 1. What are the payments to be paid within the GST? According to GST  is paid mainly…
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Sell E-way bill for final users

The e-way account is that the person carrying the vehicle must submit that the value of the product has more than Rs. 50,000. Under certain circumstances, the last user may also want to make a computer account. In this article, we will look at the situation where consumers want to create an e-mail account and…
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What is a Composer GST seller?

The GST Act requires multiple compliances regarding tax payment, tax return filing, invoicing and etc. However, merchants who work at a slightly lower level may have limited transfers and do not have the necessary resources to comply with complex provisions. Thus, the composition scheme is introduced to reduce the burden of tax implementation for small…
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