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Challan 280 – How to pay your income tax online

Challan 280 – How to pay your income tax online

1. Steps to pay tax on income Due

income tax payment

Step 1: Select Challan 280

Go to the Inland Revenue Department tax information network revenue and select Challan 280. Click here to go to the government website and pay tax



Step 2: Enter personal information

For individuals who pay tax:

Step 1: Select (0021) the income tax (except companies)

Step 2: Enter your PAN details

Step 3: Choose an appropriate assessment year (AY). During the period from April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 corresponding to AY 2019-20 is

Step 4: Enter the full address

Step 5: Type of payment must be selected correctly

a) To select the Advance Tax “(100) Advance Tax

b) For the tax self-assessment, select the “(300) The very TAXATION”

c) For regular TAXATION select “(400) Tax on a regular assessment”

Step 6: Select the payment method that you want to select. There are two ways of payment available – Net banking or debit card

Step 7: Enter the Captcha correctly in space

Step 8: Click “Continue”


Step 3: Double check InformationStep 3:

Depending on the method of payment, you will be redirected to your bank’s payment page. Double check the information shown and enter the amount of income tax payable in the income tax field. Click ‘Confirm’ when done.

Confirm payment


Step 4: Check Confirmation (Challan 280)

Once a payment is made, you will receive a tax receipt on the next screen. Here, the details of your payment will be displayed. The BSR code and the serial number of the challan can usually be found on the right side of the challenge.

Challan CounterImportant: Save a copy of the tax receipt or save the screen. You will need to enter the code of the BSR and the number of challans to enter your tax return.

If you have missed out to download a copy of your tax receipt, you can log in to your net bank account and download it.

         SBI Bank Account Holder: Sign in and go to E-tax (in the title)> Re-print a challenge (on the sidebar) to see the challenged

          ICICI Account holders in a bank: Sign in and click on the Payments & Transfers> Tax Center> Tax challenges
          HDFC bank account owners: Sign in and click on ‘Request’ on the sidebar, scroll down and click on Regeneration of Direct Taxpayers

2. Publication of taxes paid

Once you make the tax payment, you need to provide this information in your tax return. Go to ClearTax Paid Summary page to update this information.
Select the “Tax for Taxes” tab and enter the BSR code and challan number from Challan 280.

Note: The BSR code is a 7-digit number, and the serial number of triggers is 5 digits.

3. Advance Tax for progress

If you have an annual tax of more than 10,000 rubles, you must pay your income tax in advance. Usually, for a salary, these payments for income tax are taken care of by subtracting the TDS from the employer.
a. Situations when you need to pay an advance tax:
i. You are paid, but you have high-interest income or capital gains or rental income.

ii. You are free to practice.

iii. You’re running a business

Due Dates of Payment of Advance Tax for FY 2018-19

 Dates For Individuals
On or before 15th June Up to 15% tax
On or before 15th September Up to 45% of tax
On or before 15th December Up to 75% of tax
On or before 15th March Up to 100% of tax

Non-payment of an advance tax may result in a penalty interest under Articles 234B and 234C.


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