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Sell E-way bill for final users

Sell E-way bill for final users

The e-way account is that the person carrying the vehicle must submit that the value of the product has more than Rs. 50,000. Under certain circumstances, the last user may also want to make a computer account. In this article, we will look at the situation where consumers want to create an e-mail account and similar creative steps.

2) The step to create an e-way brick for citizens

Step 1: Visit the bill-portal portal

E way bill portal

Step 2: Go to “Register” and select “Account for citizens”

E-way bill for Citizens

Step 3: Click “Create New WB” to create an e-way account

Generate New EWB

Step 4: Fill out the basic information in the application for login and click “Continue to Bill Generation”

Bill Generation

  • The first step is to get the consumer to fill the basics such as:
    1)   State (Jobs) – Must have about an address as defined
    2)  Name – Enter a valid name (Permission)
    3)  PAN
    4)   Email and phone number
    5)  Fill in the Consumer Address
  • We can note that all information (without email and PAN) is required and must be completed by the consumer to make an email.
  • The consumer wants to request OTP to be sent to the mobile phone and must be verified on the same screen.
  • After following the information above, the consumer may click on ‘Continue counting the generation’ after commenting on the statement.

Step 5: Fill in the details of shipping items and vehicle information.

  • On the visible screen, select the type of in-house or delivery type
    1)  If the buyer type is borrowing, then the information from the “From” will automatically be downloaded for the information entered, in the past.
    2)  If the type of advertising is medium, then the above group will automatically be.

details of the items

  • Fields required in the section ‘To’ are the following:
    1)  GSTIN that item has been shipped -This will be “URP” if a person is an unpaid taxpayer
    2) PIN and status of product delivery
  • Product information such as brand name, HSN, tax rate (including CLST, GST, IGST fraction), transport method, long distance and vehicle number must be completed.

Item details’ section

Part B: This section contains information on registered vehicles.

1) Almost a distance (confirming the value of an email account)

2) Transportation method

3) Car number

  • The above are different types of transactions. The type of transaction to create an email account is currently available:
    1) Exporting and internal demand – contains the following categories, supply, export, work, SKD / CKD, recipient, utilization, display or purchase, shelves and others.

Step 6: After completing this information, click ‘Send’. E-way method e-way account number receives an image.


3) Improve, publish and disrupt the e-way bill

e-way bill update

After the budget is received and the number of vehicles must be revised/updated, assist the following steps with the same

  • The borrower must enter the mobile phone number and
  • The E account number is made at the previous level and OTP.

This step will continue on the screen that wants us to enter the new vehicle number.

The same steps described above (ie telephone number and computer account) can be used to publish an e-road account from the post and to delete the account.


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