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Cost Auditing


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The company’s law has made cost auditing mandatory for certain categories of companies engaged in the production, manufacturing, and mining processing activity. The cost audit is an examination of the accounting records of costs and the verification of the facts to determine the cost of the product under reference has been carried out in accordance with the principles of cost accounting and the evolution of the adequacy of the registry of costs. cost accounting and its maintenance.

What We Do

Asthaf & Co offers Construction Cost Management, Project management, Project Monitoring, Global Estimation and associatespecializeded services across India and International markets led by senior directors through our offices in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi who are well experienced and quite familiar with the local market conditions and practices.

Cost Audit

Companies Act, 2013, Section 148(2) provides for mandatory Cost Audit. Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs has     notified the Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules 2014.

We conduct Cost Audit and have experience and expertise in Cost Audit for over three decades.


Cost Records Maintenance

Companies Act, 2013, Section 148(1) provides for mandatory maintenance of cost records in case of certain companies both in production and service sectors.

We provide the Guidance for Maintenance of Cost Accounting Records prescribed under the Companies (Cost Records and      Audit) Rules 2014 and certification as regards the maintenance of Cost Records by the company.

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