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Audit & Assurance

Auditing And Assurance Services


Auditing and Assurance Services in Chennai

We provide powerful inspection and affirmation administrations to clients in various business circles. Our services include

  • Legal audit: of public and private companies, banks, financial institutions, energy supply units, firms and sole proprietors
  • Internal audit: The center must guarantee solid internal control frameworks to limit the danger of a coincidence or to consider errors and exclusions. The shielding of the advantages, the satisfactory division of the specialist over the key control ranges and the coherence with the internal working rules and regulations are regions of different concentration.
  • Tax Audit: To prepare the report on Form 3CA / 3CB, including the annex on Form 3CD according to Section 44AB of the Income Tax Law.
  • Process/transaction: an audit process is an examination of the results to decide if the activities, assets, and behavior justify that they are being administered in a competent and successful manner.

Management audit: to evaluate the systems, methods and policies followed by the administration of an entity in the administration and use of resources, tactical and strategic planning and the improvement of employees and the organization.
Investigation: it is carried out when there is already a lapse in an organization in order to identify the motive and the person involved in it so that the responsibility of such lapse can be corrected
Audit of actions: the audit of shares is completed on behalf of banks and financial firms. The objective is to ensure that the security against which the bank lends the assets are protected and accurately estimated.
Due Diligence: – We help clients conduct budgetary, legal and accounting audits in case of mergers, acquisitions, and ventures. A solid understanding of local laws, instructions, and accounting practices authorizes us to examine each basic issue in detail.

Addressing the current financial challenges and improving the certainty of the partners is a vital destination of the Assurance Services.

We seek to eliminate clutter and complexity to maintain consistency and thus build trust with internal and external stakeholders in the configuration.

The financial and reporting conditions are modified, which creates significant difficulties for the administration, boards, review panels and evaluators.

We can allow you to understand and address the most important financial issues and current reports.

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